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We’re always impressed when someone thinks outside of the box and invents a completely new way of approaching an old problem.  In this case, the problem is the alarm clock.

People do need to get up at different times and we often have to wake up at a time when we’d rather be sleeping.  For that, we need an alarm clock, but if you’re a heavy sleeper, you’ve probably just reached over and shut it off when it rings.

the ruggieOr you’ve simply pressed the snooze button over and over, which has the inevitable result of making you late for work or whatever other appointment you may have that day.

There have been numerous attempts to come up with a solution to this problem, but in the end, the only one that is actually going to work is one that can get you out of bed.

That’s what a new “clock” called The Ruggie attempts to do, and it appears as though it will do it pretty well.  The Ruggie, as the name suggests, is a rug.  But it has a built-in LED alarm clock with a subtle time display in the upper left hand corner.

You set the alarm using a USB cable and any computer device.  The Ruggie operates off of 3 AAA batteries.

It has a built-in alarm that can be set to ring at anywhere from 90-120 decibels, making it quite a loud alarm clock.

In order to turn it off, you must stand on it for a preset amount of time.  It comes from the factory set at 3 seconds, but you can set it for longer or shorter, if you like.  You can also upload motivational or music MP3 files to the Ruggie so that it will play them when you awake.

The Ruggie is made from a variety of materials.  The bottom layer is high quality anti-slip rubber, so it will stay where you put it on any floor surface.  The upper layers are made from fleece covering memory foam.

The Ruggie was started through a Kickstarter program that generated nearly $500,000 in pledges before it came to market.  Apparently, there’s quite a market for some new way to get people out of bed.

We’ve never really had any problem using a traditional alarm clock or a cell phone to wake up in the morning, and if we need to make sure that we get out of bed, we just move the alarm to somewhere where we can’t reach it while in bed.  That works for some people, but for others, the Ruggie looks like a good way to get them going.

It’s worth noting that it takes a fair amount of weight to turn off this alarm, too.  That’s great if you have pets, because the Ruggie is quite comfortable and cats apparently like to sleep on them.  Unless you have an exceptionally heavy cat, we doubt that they’ll set it off.

As a clock, the Ruggie is pretty unusual.  We’ve never seen a clock embedded in a rug before.  For that alone, we think it’s a pretty cool gadget.

You can buy the Ruggie at a number of places, including Amazon and the company’s Kickstarter page.