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Smartwatches have been getting a lot of press the last couple of years, while clocks have largely been ignored.  That has changed with the recent introduction of a “smart clock” called La Metric.

La Metric is nominally a clock that displays the time on a 29×8 pixel display that measures roughly 8 inches wide by 2.4 inches tall.  If you only want to use it for that, it will work just fine.

On the other hand, La Metric is capable of doing a lot more than that if you’re so inclined, and it appears that many people are so inclined.

La Metric also has the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet.  You can control it via an included app on your smartphone.  It has a built-in speaker, too.

What sorts of things can you do with La Metric?  It can display pretty much anything you can program it to do, and since it’s also compatible with ITTT (If This Then That,) you’re pretty much unlimited in what you can get it to do.

You can display the time.  You can get it to display text from email messages.   You can connect it to a home automation system to alert you when something goes wrong, or when you have a package delivered to your door.

You can use it as a countdown timer to count the time down until whatever event it is that concerns you arrives.  You can connect it to your smartphone to play music.

Because La Metric is “open platform,” you can create your own apps for it, or download apps that others have created.  The company will have a store, of course, so you can buy preconfigured apps from them, or you can just make your own.

La Metric is powered via USB, though they also make a version that runs off of a battery for portable use.   Frequent software updates add functionality.  A recent update now adds Amazon Alexa support.

You can get it to work as a functioning stock ticker.  You can get it to display news headlines.

The project was started on Kickstarter and earned nearly 6 times the amount of money the company was seeking.  Obviously, a lot of people saw the potential in this clock that also functions as a general purpose display device.

Obviously, not everyone needs a smart clock.  On the other hand, it’s handy to have a clock that works like a clock if that’s all you want it to do, but which can do a whole lot more should the need arise.  La Metric is capable of doing a lot of interesting things today, but imagine the things it might be capable of doing a year from now after all of the buyers have had time to tinker with it and come up with their own apps.

Retail price on La Metric is $199, though it’s available at a discount at the La Metric Website if you’re willing to subscribe to their newsletter.  That sounds like a fair offer.  After all, you can always unsubscribe, but their newsletter will likely keep you up to date on all of the new things this amazing little clock can do.