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There are clocks that you can own, and clocks that you can admire.  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there are clocks that you can own and admire.

Unfortunately, the most interesting clocks we see rarely fall into the latter category.  For that, we’re stuck with admiration.  Clocks like this would be one of a kind clocks at institutions, lifelong project clocks, and unusual prototypes that just aren’t likely to go into commercial manufacture.

In that category comes this interesting “Audi clock” by designer JongChan Mun.  This design was created for a competition and is not, alas, commercially available.  It could, we suppose, be made so at some point in the future, but for now, as far as we know, the prototype is the only model extant.

The tall floor clock has a face based on the Audi logo.  At 12 o’clock noon and midnight, all four circles line up to form the company logo at the 12 o’clock position.

Only two of the four circles are stationary, however.  The other two are attached to the hour and minute hand, respectively and rotate about the clock face, attached to the moving hands.

At the end of the day, it’s a traditional analog clock with no numbers on the face.  Twice a day, however, it’s an analog clock with an Audi logo at 12 o’clock.  This nice piece could have quite a bit of commercial appeal.  Car people, especially fans of the Audi brand, would obviously like it a lot.  But so would fans of modern design, as the Audi logo is subtle and people who aren’t fans of the brand (or even familiar with it; it’s not all that well known in the United States) might not even recognize the clock as having a corporate logo on it at all.

They’d just like it because it’s a nice looking timepiece with a clean, elegant, modern look that would look great in most any room in the home.

JongChan Mun is a furniture and industry designer based in Seoul, South Korea.  Presumably, he has an interest in clocks, as several of the designs of his that we’ve seen at the Behance site show clocks.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any evidence that any of his interesting designs are for sale anywhere.  That’s a pity as he does seem to have an interesting take on modern design.

We look forward to seeing if he has any more interesting clocks up his sleeve.